I am

Paul Villella

I love coffee machines and coffee grinders as much as your customers love coffee. Perhaps it’s my Italian blood, but nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing commercial coffee machines and grinders operating at their very best.

That’s why, after more than 10 years in the coffee machine repair industry, I have set up my own business as a coffee machine technician for commercial coffee providers in Canberra. My mission is to provide an exceptional level of service to the Canberra coffee industry.

I love drinking coffee, and I know the Canberra coffee scene well. I understand the needs of coffee-loving customers and I understand the need for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants to serve their customers top quality coffee on a consistent basis. Quality coffee keeps customers coming back.

Why your coffee shop needs Coffee Machine Tech

If you want to provide high-quality coffee to customers then it all starts with your coffee machines, especially the espresso machine. If your coffee machine (or coffee grinder) is out of service, faulty or not working optimally, then your coffee business will suffer.

As a specialist in coffee machine repairs, maintenance and servicing, I will ensure that your coffee making machinery is working like it was brand new again. Whether the problem is with the electrics, temperature control, leakage, noise, or other, I know how to fix it.

With my passion for coffee making machines, I cannot stress enough the importance of servicing for regular preventative maintenance. Servicing is key to ensuring top performance from your machinery and can save you money on expensive repairs in the long run.

On-site service

At Coffee Machine Tech we have a specially equipped van, which means a technician can come to your premises to carry out repairs, maintenance or service. We also have a fully equipped, in-house workshop where customers can bring their machines for more complex and detailed work. The choice is yours.

Which commercial coffee machine brands do we repair?

We repair and service all models of commercial coffee machines from the world’s leading brands:

La Marzocco
San Marino
La Cimbali

We also repair and service coffee grinders.

So, whether you have a traditional coffee machine or a coffee vending machine, we have the expertise to repair your machine, provided that it's repairable and parts are still available for the model.

Call us today

Quality coffee machines deserve high-quality attention. Call us at Coffee Machine Tech today and discover the coffee machine technician Canberra coffee shops are grateful to have at their service.


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